Student Dance Teacher Training Program

Lisa Svecla's mission as the Artistic Director & Owner of Premiere Dance Academy is to guide her students in developing a true love and passion for dance, or foster the love that they already have for it. To help the most dedicated dancers take their art to higher levels, she offers the Student Dance Teacher Training Program for high school students in Calgary. Participants must also be taking dance classes at Premiere Dance Academy.

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This program provides training for student dancers who wish to make the transition from dancer to dancing teacher and/or choreographer. It has been designed by Ms. Lisa to help create well-trained assistant and student teachers, and is an accredited program by the Calgary Board of Education that is comprised of both theory and practical hours.

We look forward to having many bright and promising students take part in our Student Dance Teacher Training Program. For more information, please contact us.

Our Student Dance Teacher Training Program is for high school students only, and as an accredited program allows participants to earn 3 to 5 credits towards their high school diploma after its successful completion.

Student Dance Teacher Training Program dancers